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Dear Referring Providers,
For those of you using EHR systems and attempting to meet 2018 Advancing Care Information (ACI) Measure: Health Information Exchange measures, please find our direct addresses below. These addresses are used to transmit Continuation of Care Documents (CCDs) through EHR. CCDs are standard format documents established by the government in order to securely and confidentially share patient specific clinical information such as: Allergies, Medications, Diagnosis, Problem Lists, History, and Treatment Plans and normal information that previously has been communicated via referral and consult letters.




 Sudeep Pramanik, MD
spramanik@midatlanticcc.integrityemrdirect.comMD & PA

Sara Bell, OD

Our HISP Vendor is Updox which is compatible with most EHRs, but please do not hesitate to contact us by phone to confirm our receipt.

To contact our office, please call (410) 616-9952

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